How to turn off the weather and stock widgets on iOS 5

Apple recently introduced a new Notification Center on iOS 5, fully equipped with weather and stock widgets. For some, these widgets may be nothing more than clutter. This simple guide will show you how to turn off one or both of the widgets.

Please keep in mind that this post is based off of a beta version of iOS 5. Apple can (and often does) change the behavior of features before the latest OS hits consumers hands. If anything drastically changes in regards to this feature in iOS 5, we will be sure to update the post.

When Apple announced a new Notification Center with iOS 5, it also revealed that iOS 5 would come with a couple of widgets: weather and stocks. The widgets are active in the Notification Center, the same place you will find the rest of your app alerts on iOS 5 or remove weather and stocks from from iPhone.

Some users may not want one or both of the widgets displayed on their iPhone or iPod Touch (as of iOS 5 beta 1, the iPad does not have widget support). This simple guide will show you where to find the toggle switch to turn the widgets off.

First you will need to go into the Settings app on your iPhone. Then find Notifications near the top, and tap on it.

Here you will find a list of the apps installed on your iPhone that use some sort of alert or notification. Scroll through and find either the stock widget and/or weather widget in the list. Tap on whichever one you would like to turn off.

Tap on the switch to turn the widget off; once done, the switch will read Off. Press the back arrow titled Notifications when you are done.

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